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Narendra Patel Architecture based in Palm Springs CA, have been producing award winning architecture for years. Patel Architecture is based in California, but they travel the world for their clients such as Luxe Lake, Qingdao, and Chengdu China. Throughout his illustrious Palm Springs based Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design career Patel Architects have won numerous awards and has completed projects from Palm Springs, CA all the way to China. Patel Architecture is commited to humanistic, yet sustainable design and the stewardship of the environment. His personal involvement in every project and sense of suitablity is evident in all of his projects such as Alta Palm Springs as an Alta Architect. In each case, care is taken to produce the requred effect using innovative green architecture techniques fitting within the constraints of each client's program. Narendra Patel Architecture never rests on their prior projects. Currently they are working on three Green Hybrid 10 story high condominium buildings in New York City, a golf community with high end villas in Luxe Lake China, green retail centers in Texas, hybrid green custom homes at Seclude in Rancho Mirage and at Bighorn in Palm Desert and a resort community in the Bahamas.

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Patel Architects is a green architecture firm, utilizing LEED design, sustainable design and efficient design..
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